Executive Search and Recruitment

Finding, verifying, and on-boarding the right talent for your business

Having the right people in your business is a paramount prerequisite for success. Nobody disputes that, especially when there is so much discussion around culture and values, and the importance of both to successful business ventures.

So, how do you go about building the right team of people?

At Firstwater Executive Search our practice is to make your business, our business – in other words, to partner with you to ensure you have the best person for the job. The final test, before putting a candidate before our clients, is to ask “Would I employ this person in my business?” If we cannot honestly answer “Yes” to that question, then we will keep searching until we can.

Our executive search business is a specialised recruitment service born out of frustration with our own personal experiences and disappointments with recruitment firms. We work hard to find, qualify, verify, and recruit not only highly experienced and qualified candidates, but the right experienced and qualified candidates. There is a difference!

There are many recruitment firms in the marketplace and competition is strong, so why would you consider a boutique firm like Firstwater to undertake such an important function for your business?

As a boutique business, where the owner is the executive search consultant, we have the greatest investment in making sure the assignment is fulfilled with the right person and that both the new employee and employer (client) are happy. So happy in fact, that they will retain us to do all their recruitment work.

With every assignment we undertake we spend many hours researching the role and the role requirements to ensure we have the most complete and thorough brief we can build – all before we start on the search. In one case this involved learning and understanding the requirements of a particularly complex area of financial services for a client based in London, along with new government regulations being introduced both in Europe and Australia. The initial search for a Country Representative was successful and that led to further placements with the client as they built their top executive team in Australia.

We like to ensure that we build long-lasting relationships with clients spanning many years, and because of this the suitability of candidates we provide is paramount. We take pride in operating with a high level of professionalism and confidentiality.

Please don’t hesitate to call us for a confidential discussion on how we can help with your talent resourcing needs.